Pauliina Haouami

Creativity since 1981

My story

Pauliina Haouami


I am a professional in art and cultural production and an expert in cultural well-being. I am also an artist, educator and CEO of my company. I am a pioneer in my field and an innovator in many ways. Rooting art as part of social and health care is my special area of expertise. I have almost 20 years of working life experience in the field of culture, art and cultural production. I make people shine and communities flourish. My motto is: how can you help others if your batteries are low?

How did I become an entrepreneur in the creative field and a consultant solving connections between art and well-being, even though my entire life situation was challenging and fragile? I myself got heart atrial fibrillation ten years ago and at the same time I became the single parent of my special child. My heart had been defective since birth. In addition, my own father suffered from MS and my whole family was full of illness and worries, constant money worries and a feeling of inadequacy.

The Luova Lapio (creative spade) company was born as a result of many years of dreaming. I had worked in EU projects, cultural tourism, art organizations, national art networks, municipalities, cities, universities and with various communities as an art and production professional. I had experience in international environments and I had also worked abroad. At some point in my life, I came to a point where I thought that working for others would be enough. Life is short and I want to be seen and heard with my skills in a more versatile way, helping different communities, people and at the same time implementing my own projects. I loved my work in different organizations, but taking care of a special child at work and taking care of all the required things in everyday life took my stamina to zero.

My heart was repaired twice, I moved to Helsinki and founded a company. Last year I also got married abroad with arab. In addition, I make art myself, guide well-being coaching such as yoga and meditation, and constantly study the connection between body and mind. I want to combine all my skills so that I don't have to hide anything, but I can bring my spiritual, psychological and social skills and capacity to different places and communities. And it has worked well!

Since we all need balance in our lives, I look for a counterbalance to this otherwise very inspiring work from nature and spirituality. International work is close to my heart, I have a homeland in three countries and can communicate in about nine languages. Curiosity, openness and exploratory nature take me to places I never thought I would get to!