How can I help you?

I am Pauliina Lapio a.k.a Luova Lapio (Creative Spade in English) and I am experienced and dedicated arts practitioner and trainer with almost 20 years of art business experience. I'm very happy to work with you especially when you need some creativity, art based expertise, visual skills, help with your business ideas or growing the value of arts in social and healthcare. 

Reasons to collaborate with me: 

  • You need inspiration and creativity in your organization

  • Your staff needs valuable new ideas or work wellbeing needs more meaningful tools

  • You need help in producing, service design, marketing or sales strategy in art based companies

  • You need optimistic and positive speaker in your event about arts, wellbeing, creativity, collaboration, international practices or just someone to lead the show 

  • You have a hospital or nursing home and you need a strategy and help to bring art in

  • or you just need one efficient lady to do your art or wellbeing process or just interesting project with enthusiasm, positive attitude and inspiring methods 

Yes, I have led many projects and visited variety of organizations during my life. I have energy and ideas to share but also much valued social skills, international experience, leading expertise and nice networks with art and social and healthcare sectors. I like to talk about values and inspire people, with caring and sharing attitude. 

We can talk later more about my expertise and experience, but I would like to hear more about you and how can I assist you with your problem?

You can chat with me via chat-box below, drop email or message me with contact details shown in the bottom of the page. Don't hesitate, I'm open for discussion. 

You will find my services here

Experience is fitted in LinkedIn but also I can send my CV if you need portfolio in English. Some of my professional pics you will find at Shutterstock

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“ Creativity has a lot to offer public and private sector organizations and the people who work for them You can create business also in creative ways, courageously, with open minds and with sustainable values. Addressing Individual wellbeing is at the heart of my professional practice.
How can you help and support others, if your own batteries are low?”

Pauliina Lapio, CEO Luova Lapio