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Art Of Silence®️

Art Of Silence®️ method combines meditation exercises with making art. The art form can be, for example, writing and no previous experience in art is required. From silence arises an accepting presence, intuition, the power of change, and creativity. This service, which has risen directly from the demand of work communities, is likely to increase the staff's resilience, ability to change, sense of meaning at work and to regulate alertness, for example in teleworking.

Art Of Silence®️ is a method developed in collaboration with partners and artists, towards a prosperous working life.

Art of Silencen®️ power has been able to prove e.g. city employees, people from cultural institutions, hospital staff, polytechnic students, university and individual participants across Europe.  

Art of Silence®️ product development work is carried out in cooperation with AVEK and New Beat oy.  

Art of Silence®️ received the trademark in March 2021 and is a protected concept. 


Work communities, well-being, transformation, creativity


Participatory art in the social and health sectors

Participatory art methods as part of social and health care services bring new ways of doing patient work, change processes, or projects by listening to participants, clients, staff, and stakeholders. I have made the first plan for participatory art in Finland at the Hospital Nova in Jyväskylä and I also apply my skills to the care of the elderly and the mental health side.  

Participatory art takes into account the resources and starting points that exist at the moment, as well as competence.  

Participatory Art Hospital in Nova


hospitals, art, inclusive art, inclusion, well-being, social and health care, cultural well-being, change, mental health, influencing


Artist residencies in social and health care units

Artist residency activities as part of the activities of care institutions have been piloted in several nursing homes, both public and private. The activity is suitable for hospitals, long-term care units, 24-hour housing and care units, prisons, reception centers, child welfare units and anywhere where people spend more time. 

AIR in Hospitals is a concept that has spread to Manchester Grand Hospital and Hospital Nova in Jyväskylä, and the Jyväskylä's 24-hour housing and care units use the method as part of the units' cultural and artistic activities every year.

Manchester Artis in Residency  

Units of the city of Jyväskylä's 24-hour housing and care  

Learn more about the residency concept


hospitals, services for the elderly, immigrants, prisons, child protection, social work, kindergartens, schools, long-term care