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Pascal has landed to Central Finland Art Museum!

“Pascal is a work of art, an object from outer space with a limited ability to express their feelings or speak. It was also chosen as the theme of Hospital Nova's artist residency and the title of the work at the request of young people. ”

The artist residency was a unique experiment in the hospital world. The Residence, which combines performing arts and visual arts, was made in collaboration with many different actors in 2019 as part of the piloting of the Participatory Art Plan at Jyväskylä Central Hospital . Production of residency was led by Arts Promotion Centre Regional Artists Pauliina Lapio and Jaakko Kemppainen. Artists at the ward were our partner Lime Art's director, visual artist Dawn Prescott and through open call for game art and applied electronics was chosen professional Tuukka Pasanen.

Pascal has compiled works of art from the art workshop of the artist residency at the Youth Psychiatric Unit (huh, many difficult words). The residency was made up of hospital staff by psychiatric unit supervisors and staff, psychologist, occupational therapist, doctors, nurses, wood workshop staff, arts committee, health promotion unit volunteer coordinator, and so on. Pascal became an important project for many.

March's new exhibition at the Jyväskylä Art Museum: For Health! Hospital Nova art

Exhibition presents the art of the new Hospital Nova. On display are originals of works by printing techniques from seven artists. In addition, the exhibition features prototypes of designer Petri Vainio's lighting installation and patterns designed by designer Emma Hagman for the hospital.

Pascal didn’t even know when he was born that he would see other places in his life than the lobby of the psychiatric ward. But how wrong Pascal was! Immediately after a year of existence, he got into the newly opened Art Museum exhibition and do we even know how far Pascal will still be able to? The experiences of the staff and artists can also be read in the museum’s exhibition.

In the future, the hospital will invest a portion of the art in participatory art. It means carrying out art projects in different fields in collaboration with patients and staff. The exhibition of the pilot project features an interactive installation Pascal, which was carried out in the Department of Child Psychiatry under the direction of artists Dawn Prescott and Tuukka Pasanen.

- the city of Jyväskylä

This is what making of Pascal looked like in Hospital ward. At the museum, you can get to know Pascal from March 27 to May 16. In the gallery of the Jyväskylä Art Museum.

Pictures: Dawn Prescott, Pauliina Lapio

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