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Autumn starts with photo exhibition Light Inside Us

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Päätin rikkoa hiljaisuuden
Nyt on aika työntää sivuun
kaikki se aines
josta pitää vaieta.
Olla kertomatta. Sanomatta.
Ja näyttää vahvalta
Vaikka kaukana
tuolla jossain
mielen sumulaaksossa
Vaeltaa se pimeys
joka on kohdannut minutkin
uudestaan ja uudestaan

Hengitä rauhassa
Mutta älä anna
maailman valojen sammua
Ennen kuin jokainen sivu
on käännetty
pimeä kiedottu
ymmärryksen viittaan
ja kerrottu kaikille
että kaunista on
olla keskeneräinen.

Pauliina Lapio's photo exhibition Light in us goes through a personal healing process through nature images, light and texts. Works from 2010-2021 are included in the exhibition. The pictures show an observational view of nature and the objects to be photographed. With his images, the artist strives to find beauty and light in stagnant moments. In several images, the water element is repeated in its various forms. The texts in the exhibition tell of difficult topics such as sadness, shame, anger, loneliness and traumatic experiences, yet dressing them up as beautiful and hopeful thoughts and giving understanding. At the same time, the exhibition is a tribute to nature and its beauty, as well as man's ability to find elements of healing through art and nature.

Pauliina Lapio is a photographer, producer, writer, creative professional, educator and Finnish yoga student of an Indian spiritual master. Diverse experience in the field of art began in 2003 as an event producer and the most recent employer was the Center for the Promotion of Art, where he worked as a county artist for art and well-being in 2015-2020. Now Lapio is a private entrepreneur offering art and well-being services to its customers.

Lapio has been filming since he was 6 years old. He has done band promo shots, wedding shots, event shots, book illustrations, and travel stories for photography in various organizations. In addition to nature photography, his passion is yoga, dance, poetry, music and performance art. With the latter, he has made appearances in an ensemble called the Angel Ensemble.

Opening of the exhibition 9.9. 3 pm-7pm

Other opening hours according to the opening hours of the residential building Mon-Fri.

I will be present most days during the exhibition


Additional information:

Pauliina Lapio

044 362 9552

This will be my first photo exhibition!

The exhibition has been produced with the support of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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