lectures, coaching and education 


Art & Wellbeing coaching

Have you wondered how to customize art expertise to social and health care sector? Need help in service design, financing, pricing or contract issues?
I would love to help in service design of art models and practices to hospitals, nursing homes or other health and social care institutions. Ethic issues, social and healthcare contexts and value of arts are all in the heart of my expertise. 

To whom: Social and health care organisations, educational organisations, public sector, art sector


Art management, sales and marketing

Ok, you have very good art method, practice or company. But things are not evolving how they should. Why? Maybe producing needs some consulting, or sales and marketing is the issue. Can you even sell art without losing it's value? Yes you can, and I have many examples to show how it is done with creativity, common values with customer and successful strategy. 


Let's make a diamond! 

To whom:
Art organisations and companies, educational institutions, artists 


Art and meditation as part of meaningful life and pain management

Why should we use art & meditation practices  as part of wellbeing & health? Because it has scientifically proven evidence, especially in chronic pain, depression and work stress. Together with chronic pain specialist, medical licentiate we showcase non medical pain treatment methods (art & meditation based). This lecture is a interesting dialogue between a doctor and an art expert including real art & meditation practices.   

To Whom: social and healthcare units, art sector, wellbeing events, doctors