"Inspired, grateful feeling, surprised how well online contents worked out and connection between participants was established so naturally" "



Art Of Silence method combines meditation techniques with art making practices. This method has born from request of working life present conditions: by increasing staff wellbeing, resilience, transformative skills, abundance and feeling better. Same time it is regulating mood and vitality in remote working.


Art Of Silence suits everyone - you will learn and try creative methods and practices in psychologically safe environment in your own safety zone. Intuition, creativity and transformation arises from silence which exists in all of us - deep inside. Easy meditation practices are tailored to fit all participants. Your constantly bustling mind will calm down. 


Some have suspected the effectiveness of online format, but due to our recent pilot it worked so well! Guided art making in safe environment can build up new perspectives and insights to our own thinking style. Maybe you will get urge to stop for a while and reflect life purposes, working habits, interaction with others and presence skills in new way.


Our development is made in collaboration with AVEK (audiovisual culture promotion centre), New Beat Consulting Oy, artists Pirre Toikkanen, Simo Routarinne and Virpi Koskela. Meditation practices are led by Luova Lapio CEO Pauliina Lapio who is practicing kriyameditation with Indian kriyayoga master Paramahans Swami Nispruh Spandan since 2016 and is his Finnish student and devotee.


  • Art Of Silence will bring professional, interesting and experienced art coaches to work with you. 

  • Breathing techniques have scientifically proven effects on calming your nervous system and slow down your constantly buzzing mind. 

  • Being present helps you to focus in present task or mission and stops the sensation of feeling hurry/busy

  • With meditation, you can feel effects on better sleep, self consciousness increases and stress, high blood-pressure, anxiety and depression might decrease slowly with practices.

  • Insecurity and fear fades away and positive sensations about your skills and talent starts to rise. 

  • In Silence your mind will rest, new ideas are born and you can create more optimistic self-esteem and sense of surroundings.

  • Art practices will provide new tools for you work and working methods.

  • Work well-being increases. 

  • Through art there will be joy, new experiences and better communication with your community

  • Art can help decreasing loneliness and feeling of isolation.

  • You can choose suitable duration for session beginning from 60 minutes ( 1 hour).  

Would you like to learn how to increase work wellbeing through creativity and art? Fell free to contact at any time: pauliina@newbeat.fi or filling the contact form  

Art of Silence®️ working group

In addition to Creative Lapio, the working group currently includes three artists from different fields from Finland. The network also includes artists from the UK and India, for example. 

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"Inspired, grateful feeling, surprised how well online contents worked out and connection between participants was established so naturally" 

"I loved these coaches! It felt good to be present and with completely strangers I felt somehow sense of communion." 

"After Art Of Silence I felt fresh and it was super fun to indulge in practices and communicate with total strangers according to given tasks" 

"Bright, Empowered, enlightened, peace, nothing to worry, let it go, joy, calmness, anxiety"


-I feel happy. Spending time with joyful people made me feel good. 

"I was forced to undergo unpleasant  feelings which was actually very good."

"Peaceful, empowered and calm feeling after one week since the Art Of Silence session."

"I felt very spirited after session. My own tired and drained creativity and playfulness increased at least temporarily - after Art Of Silence practice it was nice to come with family to fool around and pla. Something beneath the surface was rosen

Open feedbacks from Art Of Silence Online session